Our Story

Dedicated to raising artists up, Kirkman Tamarkin Productions produces exceptional work by bringing together a diverse and powerful team of creatives. As an independent production company, Kirkman Tamarkin Productions employs a unique voice that places the ultimate importance on compelling storytelling through various art forms and film mediums.

In a way to create engaging art that responds to challenges facing our contemporary community of today, Meredith Kirkman and Andrew Tamarkin put their heads together to create a new artistic venture, Kirkman Tamarkin Productions. After their first creative collaboration, they recognized the potential for a compelling partnership which prompted them to join forces and establish Kirkman Tamarkin Productions. As artists and members of a community, they are driven by aspirations to challenge stereotypes, advocate for justice, and celebrate the individual. Their artistic ventures demonstrate a commitment to addressing these issues among others.

The Partnership


Meredith Kirkman | Partner
Director, Choreographer, Producer

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Andrew Tamarkin | Partner
Writer, Composer, Producer

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The Team


Miri Rusakov

Marketing Manager

Miri, a DePaul University student studying Graphic design, joined the team as the Marketing Manager at Kirkman Tamarkin Productions. Her passion for design, the arts, and marketing has allowed her to guide the marketing team with boundless ideas and creativity. Miri loves rollerblading, drawing, and endlessly browsing for creative inspiration on Pinterest.


Rubén Meléndez Ortiz

Development Manager
Rubén was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. He is currently a junior at Chicago College of Performing Arts majoring in musical theatre. Rubén also attended Interlochen Arts Academy as a postgrad and the prestigious music school Colegio Emil Friedman in Venezuela. He plays the upright bass and is an avid jazz lover. Rubén is very thankful to have joined paths with KT Productions as Development Manager.

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Zoe Tamarkin

Art Director


Nick Moulton

Marketing Strategist

Nick Moulton is a senior Marketing student at Columbia College Chicago and is excited be a part of the KT Productions team. His strong interests in cinema, TV, and marketing have made his role as Marketing Strategist a perfect fit. In his free time, Nick enjoys live music, running along Lake Michigan, and going to movies.


Joey Bird

Assistant Production Manager, Inside KT Director

Joey is a part of the theatre program at the Chicago College of Performing Arts, c/o 2019. Although an actor first, his passions extend to both sides of the camera and many other facets of film production. KT Productions has helped him grow considerably as a filmmaker, now leading production for a series of interviews to accompany Promise of the Butterfly. Joey’s creative focus for the past several months has been as producer and series regular of the new webseries SHOED!


Kylie Travers

Online Content Coordinator

Kylie is a Sophomore studying Public Relations and Advertising with a minor in French in the Honors Program at DePaul University. Having joined KT as Online Content Coordinator, Kylie’s passion for social media marketing has landed her the perfect spot on a team of creatives. In her free time, Kylie enjoys running her Instagram food blog as well as attending concerts around the city and exploring new restaurants

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Nicholas Kingsley

Finance Manager

Nicholas was born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia. He spent half of his childhood there and in New York City. He graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. Nicholas has a growing passion for assisting organizations progress financially and develop new business ventures. He has done this with a number of start-up companies and believes his involvement in KT Productions will be equally as successful.


Marcus Omeish

Sound Designer


Victoria Nassar Abuabara

Special Events Assistant, International PR

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Julia Jayne

Production Manager, POB

Julia Jayne is a recent graduate of Roosevelt University Chicago College of Performing Arts. While her passion usually stays in front of the camera, she worked behind the lense as Production Manager to help Kirkman Tamarkin launch their feature film. Julia is now based on Los Angeles enjoying her favorite things: sunny skies, overpriced juice, and fancy ice cream.


Matthew Brdlik

Editor, POB

Matthew Brdlik joined Kirkman Tamarkin Productions team as an Editor. He graduated from DePaul University in 2018 where he learned the art of cinema from some of the Midwest's best film professors. In his time at DePaul, he helped in the creation of over 25 narrative, documentary, and experimental films. He has also worked with The Hootenanny Commercial Post Production house, JJack Productions, and Fig Media to help create a wide variety of films while developing skills in video production, directing, writing, and editing


Sydney Snower

Pre-Production Manager, POB


Rosebud Harrison

Production Second Assistant