inside kt Episodes

Miri Rusakov


DePaul University Graphic Design Major, Miri, takes us through her process of creating a visual brand for KT. Her eye for design and knowledge about marketing made her an essential role in the process.

Hunter Day and Jordan Omeish


The film's lead actors open up about their process, challenges and how they grew as artists. Their natural chemistry makes for an incredible friendship on and off camera. 

Kyra Sorce, Julia Fleckenstein, and Jess DiForte

Dancers from the Film’s Dance Company

This episodes showcases three members of the film's dance company. They shed light on storytelling through dance, the rehearsal process, and how the company is one-of-kind.

Julie Medina

Supporting Actor

Julie Medina who plays Doran's mom, Adele, tells us more about her experience with creating her character, working with the creatives Kirkman and Tamarkin, and thoughts about this new coming-of-age film. 

Anna Roemer

Supporting Actor

Actor Anna Roemer delights us with her presence as she talks about her involvement with the film. She address her joys and challenges of acting and how she prepared for her role Laverne––Doran's boss, the florist shop owner.